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Power Factor Correction & Harmonic Filters

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Digital Microprocessor Power Factor Controller

Electrotek AHF Series – Active Harmonic Filters

R1000f Individual Capacitor c/w Fusing

R1200s Switched Packaged Capacitor

R1400 Standard Automatic

Real Time Filtered Automatic PFC Unit



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Electrotek offers a variety of services to help you with your power factor correction and harmonic filtering projects such as:


Preliminary Evaluation

Our Preliminary Evaluation is a popular way to start - a no-charge analysis of your power bills, which will tell you how much money you would save annually by installing our equipment.

Power Study / Harmonic Analysis

Via measurements. Using recorded data from site, Electrotek will conduct a full power study and harmonic analysis, and report back our findings with our guaranteed solution.

Power Study / Harmonic Analysis

Via motor list.  Working in similar fashion to the traditional site measurement study, Electrotek will conduct a power factor study and harmonic analysis of your facility using our site-simulation program.


For customers who prefer site support during start-up of their Electrotek equipment, we will arrange on-site commissioning (charges apply). For customers comfortable with doing start-up on their own, we offer telephone support (no charge).

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